Our Story

Although it doesn’t seem so, we might be old friends already. Our company AGRO CS makes all sorts of great products for gardeners. The range of our garden division is really wide – from planting soils and fertilizers, through grass seed mixtures and turf, to plant protection products and agents. Our great pride and joy is the Natura line of product that focuses on organic growing without unnecessary chemicals.

The broader the range of our activities, the simpler our philosophy. We want to help you make the world more beautiful. We feel responsibility to the country in which we are living, to the place where we are based and to the people with whom we are working. These are the reasons why we are an entirely Czech company, a family company that is currently managed by the second generation of our founders.

You may already have a beautiful garden. And perhaps you might have chosen us to help you establish it with our extensive knowledge and experience. Now it is time for us to make another step, as resting on laurels is not our style of doing things. In 2018, we acquired the Jeseničan company in Velká Jesenice, which is just a stone’s throw from our headquarters in Říkov. Yes, you are right – Jeseničan was producing pet food, especially for cats and dogs. For us this was a logical step. In many great gardens there are pets and pets also make a part of a cosy home. When your garden, lawn, and flowers deserve the best, your pets deserve it too.

And so this is how yet another part of our journey had begun. We call it GRAND.