Our Philosophy

We believe in doing things right and properly, not just halfway. For many years we have been focusing on helping you with making your garden healthy and beautiful and we have been very successful. Now we want to do the same for your pets who love to run and play on your green and fluffy lawn.

GRAND gives the best – this is our motto. GRAND does not believe in cheap substitutes, artificial preservatives and flavourings, although this is exactly what many others are doing. However, making a really good pet food with natural and healthy ingredients that would be full of flavour and bring joy is not as easy as it sounds.

We make the GRAND foods in our own facility here in the Czech Republic, which gives us total control over the quality of the ingredients used. We decided to go for a monoprotein recipe. What does this mean? In practice, proteins always come from one type of fresh meat – fish, chicken, or beef. There’s no accounting for taste and a hundred of people would come with hundred different taste preferences. The same applies to cats and dogs. Some would eat everything, some are pickier. We are here to serve the true canine and feline gourmets. However, it is not just about being choosy. There are pets allergic to certain types of proteins, such as soy or gluten, and feeding them low quality food can cause serious health problems. But don’t worry, these problems are easy to avoid! Thanks to our monoprotein recipe you know exactly what you are feeding to your pets. They will be grateful, happy and healthy.

GRAND is the right choice for caring pet owners who want the best, not just nearly the best.